Create Your Own NatureTreasure Basket

My local beach and river provide me with all the inspiration I need to be creative, imaginative and in love with this beautiful natural world around us. It sustains us physically,  provides us with sustenance,  emotionally and spiritually while serving as a reminder of its power.

Wanting to educate our younger generation on protecting and maintaining this is really important, but I have discovered that making it fun and exciting is just a bonus. The cherry on top as the famous saying goes.

Have you thought about making your own treasure baskets? They are not that difficult to make and if you follow this step by step process you’ll be an expert in no time. I thought I would start with a nature basket as firstly this is my number one passion and secondly it will not cost anything to make.

With Christmas not far away, it would make a lovely personal, handmade gift. You could dress it up with a little tinsel or a bow. So let’s get started!

Gather Materials

For the purpose of this treasure basket we are going to be gathering things from nature. Whether you live near a beach, forest, park or farm or just have an interesting backyard, there will be items you can find that will be suitable for your creation.

Remember to check for sharp edges, poisonous plants, fungus or vegetation and discard anything suspicious. Once you have collected your little treasures, gather and sort them. Clean any unwanted sand or soil from them and think about how you would like to display them in an inviting and thought provoking way for children.

Natural woven mats, fabric or rugs to spread out your treasures on could be added as well. If you have any books or pictures relating to your contents they could also be set out for research and comparisn along with drawing materials if the child/children are old enough to feel inclined to draw.

I have also found that playing music sounds from nature can create an atmosphere conducive to these type of learning experiences.

Choosing a basket

Although I typically use baskets, this does not have to be the case for you. A container with a lid for easy storage, or  decorated box might suit your needs better.

I would however recommend something not too deep with low sides that is easy for the child to access . I have also found that old wooden bowls are quite a nice touch and come in various shapes and sizes.

If you have a rummage around the house or pay a visit to your local op shop you just might find the perfect one.

Deciding on your contents

So you now have a whole bunch of odd bits and pieces in front of you and you are trying to choose what goes in the  treasure basket.

You could just put it all in or you might like to sort it into a few of each kind of objects. For example you may have three different kinds of seashells or a variety of pine cones of different sizes. Put them all in as this is a great way for children to make comparisons and sort sizes and shapes.

This is just for one basket so if you have gathered lots of goodies, you could always make a few and change them around or mix them up occasionally. This is just a guideline for you to get your imagination going.

Adding some extra touches

I added a magnifying glass to my basket for closer inspection of all the unusual pieces I found for this particular project. If you read my earlier post, I did mention in there about choking hazards for very young children.

I actually found some really special, but small items that I wanted to include in my basket. However they could cause a problem. I came up with a solution that  solved the problem and would allow children to still enjoy exploring the items. I found some glass coffee lids that have a magnifying effect and that were able to contain the smaller objects.

They were also able to be sealed. Although they are made of glass they are quite sturdy and would not break easily although I would still recommend supervision.

While I was searching for my basket I came across some natural looking placemats that I thought would be perfect for setting up some of my treasures on.

The finished product

When you have decided what you wanted to keep and add to your basket, you can arrange it all to make it appealing and inviting. Have a quiet area set up, maybe some soft music or ocean waves (this might not be your thing) and let your child explore.

Discuss how each item feels, is it soft, hard, cold, rough. What is it shaped like.? Do they know what it is? Are there different sizes and can they identify large and small?

You are not only giving a gift basket but the gift of language and new discoveries.  Thankyou for reading my post and hope it has been helpful to you all. Enjoy creating your own treasure baskets and please feel free to make contact if you have any questions or you would just like to share your ideas.

I would really enjoy seeing some of your completed projects as well so don’t be shy, I am sure they would inspire others creativity.

I would also like to hear how your children have enjoyed their experiences and any other feedback you have.






16 Replies to “Create Your Own NatureTreasure Basket”

  1. Hi Cass

    Recently I purchased one of your treasure boxes for my grandson Oliver’s 5th birthday present. It arrived at his home yesterday and this morning I received the most amazing phone call  f rom.

    He had already caught some bugs , was testing out the magnet on everything to see how it worked and absolutely loves his basket full of all sorts of fun learning objects

    You are onto something really incredible and I look forward to visiting here often to see what else I can buy

    Thank you so much

    1. Hello Vicki, Thankyou you so much for your feedback, I am so happy that Oliver is enjoying his gift. He must think you are the most wonderful Granny. I am really looking forward to working with you to create more treasures. Thankyou again! 

  2. I think you have displayed the most overlooked Beauty in the world, putting all those Natural items in a cute little basket looks so glamorous:) isn’t it amazing how the different matters go together, ie Earth and Ocean. Life and Death.

    Very inspiring and enlightening at the same time.. Thank you! 

    1. Thankyou Ropata, I am guessing that you are also from New Zealand. Yes i wanted to capture the natural world for young children and help them to understand and appreciate how precious it is. Thanks for your input, much appreciated. Cass

  3. Really like your site Cass. It not only is lovely and clear it has great ideas which I would never have thought to do. Thank you for this fantastic array of ideas as you are not only providing learning with the ‘treasure basket’ for children you are also providing learning for adults such as myself.
    Great thinking.
    Wishing you every success.
    regards Linda

    1. Thanks Linda, I love to share ideas, it is my passion through this site to help others to spread their wings. Appreciate your input and please feel free to contribute anytime. Have a great day. Cheers Cassandra

  4. Hello Cassie, i loved reading this article. It made me want to take a vacation out in Australia, just to make myself one of these baskets.(I’m a fashion design students and i love to create and make ideas come to life). Can you please make a video to demostrate how you make them? Thank you and take care!

    1. Hi Rachel Thankyou very much. I think a video would be a wonderful idea and I am thinking of including the local coastline in it as well. I could make baskets from our local flax (harakeke) to put things in too. I am actually in New Zealand which is a separate country to Australia. A lot of people think because we are close that we are part of it. Thanks so much for your feedback. Keep checking in for that video. Cheers

  5. That looks amazing! I remember when I was younger and my parents and grandparents would take me down to the beach to build suncastles and collect natural items from the sea. As the picture you have put there shows, that when you put different unique items together it sure does look special.

    I plan to do this when I am older and have kids of my own, so I look forward to those days! 



  6. Hi Cassandra,This shows that there is no end to creativity. I really love that you used allnatural elements. That arrangement is great for any part of the house and Ithink it has some ’special energy’ when you put it there. People need to bemore connected to nature, especially this days in digital age and this is onesmall, but not less important contribute. : ) This decoration can match old andmodern styled houses. Really suitable for all events (for example, I would putsome for my father’s birthday on the table, because he loves sea so much).Thanks for this inspirational post, I’ll bookmark it and try to make this myself.Best wishes,Strahinja

    1. Hello Strahinja, thanks for your comment, yes it is a nice way to connect to nature and I enjoy sharing inspiration with others. Thank you have a wonderful day and good luck with your own creations.

      Cheers Cassandra

  7. Treasure Baskets is a great idea. I was thinking of all the possibilities as I was reading. I am not  sure I have the creative and artistic abilities to pull it off. LOL. 

    I guess I would have to give it a try to find out. I am sure I will love whatever I create and it would be special to me. Thanks for sharing your creativity.

    1. Hi Tony, I am sure you will be able to create something special to you and there really is no limit to what you can achieve. Have fun exploring! Maybe you could share your finished product with me when your’e done. I would love to see it!

      Cheers Cass

  8. I absolutely LOVE this idea of nature treasure baskets!  In my life, I have always believed that nature holds within it, healing abilities from plants and herbs, rejuvenation by observing the mountains and the bodies of water, and endless resources.  Having children involved in this activity of gathering treasures and creating something direct from nature is brilliant.  I also love that it does indeed teach them language skills, social skills and takes them away from electronics. I bet you could start at a very early age? Well done, you have much to be proud of here! 

    1. Thank you Holly, yes you can start them as early as infancy and tailor each basket to suit the development level of the individual child. Thanks for your kind words and i am glad you enjoyed your visit here at the treasure baskets.


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