The Early Years- Natural Environments

1 The inside of a bug hotel

There is definitely a different atmosphere when you walk into a kindergarten or day care centre where nature is incorporated into the program.

This post is about natural environments in the early years and the benefits of exploring this as an alternative to the brightly coloured, plastic filled rooms that dominate many early learning centres now.

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Using Wood Slices in the Classroom


1 Wood slices with pictures of bugs burnt into the wood.

Welcome back to The Treasure Baskets. As an educator and an artist with a love for nature and the environment .I combine these to create natural resources and share this passion with others. By using natural materials such as wood slices in the classroom, I believe it adds a another component to the learning experience for young children.

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Make Your Own Christmas Tree From Driftwood

1 A hanging Christmas tree made from twigs, pumice and wooden beads.

Its almost the holiday season again and I have been thinking about the cost of Christmas for families on a tight budget. this can be a difficult time for many families and there are many ways to celebrate without breaking the bank.

I have decided to put together a few blogs on making your own natural and recycled  gifts. It is also a lovely way of spending some quality time with the family.

With Christmas just around the corner, why not make your own Christmas tree with the children.

It’s fun and it’s free!

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Kids outdoor discovery basket.

Children love playing outdoors! They enjoy running, jumping in puddles, exploring and searching for adventure. A particular favourite for children(but not so much for the adults) is bug hunting.

Have you ever noticed how children have the need to turn over old logs and rummage through gardens just for the sheer joy of discovering some kind of creepy crawly. They need to feel the slimy little  critters, inspect and view them up close,  while attempting to share their experience  with everyone around them, whether they appreciate bugs or Not!

I am going to look at ways to extend these experiences for children to look deeper into, and discover more than meets the eye.

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